Standing Woman

Something very different. There is an artist I really admire, Zimou Tan. You can find his works on YouTube. The style of, and how he creates his charcoal drawings are unlike anything I've seen before. From my amateur perspective he seems to use negative space to define the basic forms and the areas of his subject and then removes and adds to the works as he goes. This makes more sense if you take a look at his Female figure drawing demo or his Male Figure drawing demo (turn the volume down on your computer - I find the music distracting).

So, the work on this page is my one and only, so far, attempt at mimicing / practicing the same technique. Very amateur at best, but an interesting and fun experiment. And while I did this work using digial media, I think it is best done by getting your hands dirty using paper, charcoal, graphite, an eraser... and your fingers!

  • Title : Standing Woman
  • Inspiration : Zimou Tan
  • Year : 2017
  • Medium : Apple iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate app
Watch it being made