Cass and Pepsi the Cat

My sketch of a photo I took of my sister Cass and her adopted cat, Pepsi, in Dornholzhausen, Germany. Probably around 1980. I shot the photo from my second-floor bedroom window looking down into our Hof.

Not sure if it's cheating or not, but I started by laying out a grid on the paper and overlaying a grid on a digital copy of the photo in Photoshop. I used a grid because I couldn't find a way to start the photo. I keep staring at the image trying to find any horizontal or vertical lines - trying to layout the proportions and wasn't having any luck. So, cheating, or not, grid it was.

The entire illustration was done with a regular #2 pencil, a smudge stick, and a couple of erasers. Maybe this is cheating also, but a tacky eraser is a great way to create texture on the cobblestones.

  • Title : Cass & Pepsi
  • Inspiration : Based on my photograph of the same
  • Year : 2018
  • Medium : Paper and pencil
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