The XIPA is our eXperimental IPA as we try different recipes to brew the perfect IPA. Each version of this beer is different and the label has a different "chalk" date and saying each time we brew. I don't know what possessed me to use my photo of a rusty tank and set of tire hubs for a beer label. It was probably because I wanted to emphasize how fresh and clean our beer is. In any case the background is from a photo of mine to which I've applied a bit of Photoshop posterize filter. I've taken our K&D logo and created a metal version of it that I was able to merge (weld?) into the tank itself. And of course the Chalkduster font is the perfect font to cap off the whole effect.

The "K&D" logo appears on all our beer labels. I created it based on an old photograph of Daine and I in front of one of Diane's quilts.

  • Title : XIPA
  • Style : Experimental India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Main Font : Chalkduster
  • Medium : Graphic Design, Photography, Photoshop