The Wee Heavy Ale

Confession: the quote and the image of the Wee Free Men are from a Terry Pratchett series of books (see The Wee Free Men). The sword-wielding character is a combination of a partially traced photo of a miniature statue, partially created myself - a hybrid. I outlined the image in the photo, then created a separate layer for different parts of the character so I could color them. I added the sword. The kilt and the fabric in the background are a Scottish Macdonald clan tartan honoring my wife, Diane's heritage.

The "K&D" logo appears on all our beer labels. I created it based on an old photograph of Daine and I in front of one of Diane's quilts.

  • Title : The Wee Heavy Ale
  • Style : Scottish Heavy
  • Main Font : Papyrus, Palatino
  • Medium : Graphic Design, Photoshop