The Maze Explorers
Explore and illuminate an uncharted maze. Be the first to reach the exit or be stranded in the dark.

Once again, you and your fellow intrepid explorers have chosen to venture into a dark unmapped maze. Using only your wits, a flashlight and a limited supply of batteries you must navigate and expose the maze path to find the way out. You will encounter twists and turns and dead ends. You may even find yourself lost in the dark, but you can be the hero of the group by being the first one to expose the maze path and find the exit!

Your Goal

Create a complete, unbroken maze path between the Maze Entrance and the Maze Exit and be the first Explorer to exit the maze. However, be careful not to get stranded in the maze without flashlight Batteries to light your way.

Exploring The Maze

Your maze exploration starts by shuffling all the maze tiles facedown and placing them on the table in front of you being sure to connect at least one edge of each tile to another. You will then roll one or two dice to move over the tiles, turn them faceup, rotate them, and uncover the maze using your limited supply of flashlight batteries. Along the way you will search for the hidden exit while also possibly encountering a wormhole and battery rechargers.

Will Explore For Batteries

If you run out of Batteries during your turn, you are doomed to dwell in the dark, lingering with only the vague thread of a hope that a fellow explorer will happen upon you, take pity on you and offer to share their Batteries with you. Or... Not?

This is a fun, easy-to-learn game that's different each time you play. Winning this game will require you to adapt your strategy at various stages in the game.

But Wait There's More!

Illumimaze, on which this game is based, is also available from One Bad Ant as an app you can play on your Android or iOS tablet. There are three maze levels from fun to challenging to frustrating. Each level has nine mazes and the first three at each level are free. Get your copy at the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • Title : The Maze Explorers
  • Year: 2021
  • Storefront: Get the Game
  • Android App: on Google Play
  • iOS App: on the App Store
  • Original Artwork: Printsbysally web site
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