Sneaky Squirrel

This is a revival of a label I created in the mid to late 90s using a now defunct application called SuperPaint. This was largely a bitmap-based application, which you can still see in the design of the squirrel, acorns, and oak leaves. I kept the squirrel and the overall layout of the label. I've recreated all the label elements in Photoshop, with the exception of the squirrel, acorns, and oak leaves, which I really like just the way they are - jagged edges and all. The background texture, grass, clouds, and text are all recreated in Photoshop.

You can see the original version of this label in this collection of graphic images - look for the group of six old labels.

The "K&D" logo appears on all our beer labels. I created it based on an old photograph of Daine and I in front of one of Diane's quilts.

  • Title : Sneaky Squirrel
  • Style : Nut Brown Ale
  • Main Font : AppleGaramond Bold, Apple Chancery
  • Medium : Graphic Design, SuperPaint, Photoshop