Jazz Mutt 2017

This is the third label in the Jazz Mutt series of beers. These beers are made to share with friends at our yearly trip to the Saratoga Springs Jazz Festival.

I've reused the saxaphone mutt from the first label. The brick wall is also reused - from the second label, but skewed and given perspective. The marquee and text have also been skewed and given perspective using Photoshop's "transform / perspective" tool. The marquee bulbs and lighted text ("The Jazz Mutt") used a dotted line pattern and then filtered to "glow." The design is almost too large given where the cut lines are in the label printer's template. I do use guide lines, which aren't shown, to help me constrain the size of the design.

The "K&D" logo appears on all our beer labels. I created it based on an old photograph of Daine and I in front of one of Diane's quilts.

  • Title : Jazz Mutt 2017
  • Style : Left-over malts and hops from previous recipes!
  • Main Font : Arial, Arial Rounded MT Bold
  • Medium : Graphic Design, Photoshop